Is ASP safe to take?
A: The ingredients contained in the ASP for Men formula are natural. ASP is Yohimbe-free. There have been no reports of harmful side effects with use of this product. If a medical condition is present or the individual is currently taking a prescription medication it is recommended to first consult with your doctor before starting this or any dietary supplement.

Is ASP for Men shipped discreetly?
A: Yes, all of our orders are shipped discretely.

Do you ship ASP for Men outside the USA?
A: No, ASP for Men is not available to countries outside of the USA.

Is ASP for Men really that effective?
A: Yes. All of the ingredients in ASP have been shown to be effective in helping men achieve a greater sexual experience.* Please review the ingredients section for more information on how each ingredient is beneficial.

Will ASP work with other products for male enhancement?
A: ASP should not be taken with another oral male enhancement product, but may be used with a topical product like Size RX.

How long should I take ASP for Men?
A: You should continue taking the daily suggested serving of two capsules as long as you remain sexually active. This is why it is best to take advantage of the buy two, get one free special.

How often do I take ASP? Every day or as needed?
A: Some individuals can take ASP for Men 30 – 45 minutes before activity and others take ASP daily regardless of activity to let the supplement build in the system. This is all individual based and depends on how much help an individual needs. Please do not take more than 2 capsules within a 24-hour period.

Can I take ASP while taking medications?
A: We do not recommend taking ASP with medications until you have consulted a medical professional first. You may print out the list of ingredients from our website and take them to your doctor for him/her to review.

Can I take ASP while having any kind of health condition(s)?
A: We do not recommend taking ASP while having any kind of health condition before consulting a medical professional.

Should an individual take ASP if they have experienced a heart attack, heart symptoms, or high blood pressure?
A: We do not recommend taking ASP if an individual has or may be experiencing any heart issues without first consulting a medical professional.

Is there a guarantee for ASP for Men?
A: While ASP for Men has worked for almost all of our customers, we cannot offer a guarantee due to the fact that everyone will react differently to the ingredients used in ASP for Men, and each individual may need more or less help with sexual function than others.

Does ASP for Men contain any ingredients which may pose an allergy?
A: ASP for Men does contain Oyster Extract which may cause allergy in those with shellfish allergies. Those individuals with a known shellfish allergy should first consult with their medical doctor before taking this supplement.

Will your site share my e-mail address or information with other companies?
A: Absolutely not. However, you may receive occasional e-mails from our company promoting new sales or products. We will never and have never sold our client’s e-mail addresses.



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