ASP for Men Ingredients

The ASP for Men Ingredients combine to make a natural supplement that can help men:
• Enhance firmness of erections*
• Increase orgasm strength and quality*
• Maximize sexual stamina*
• Enhance intimacy and pleasure*

The Main ASP for Men ingredients:

Horny Goatweed, Rhodiola (root), Maca (root), Longjack Root (eurcoma longifolia), Muira Puama (leaf), L-Arginine, Prostate Glandular, Pygeum Africanum (bark), Damiana (root), Licorice (root), Korean Ginseng (root), Oyster Extract, Stinging Nettles, Dicalcium Phosphate, Terra Alba, Whey Magnesium Sterate, Gelatin.

*For a full list of ingredients please see the ingredients section of the website.

The ASP for Men ingredients are natural and do NOT contain the potentially dangerous ingredient Yohimbe.† Yohimbe can possibly be dangerous if taken orally.† It can cause irregular or rapid heartbeat, heart issues, stomach upset, tremors, sleep problems, anxiety, agitation, raise/lower blood pressure, dizziness, drooling, sinus pain, bloating, rash and vomiting. We have made sure that the ASP for Men Ingredients are natural and the formula does NOT contain Yohimbe. There are many products like ASP on the market however, some contain Yohimbe and should be taken with caution through your healthcare provider. We do NOT recommend the use of any products that contain Yohimbe due to the possible side effects that can occur.†

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